Past Commander Briefing’s


As a reminder, we are meeting this coming weekend, June 1 for our monthly meeting.  Please be there no later than 8:55 am

  • Attached please find the sign-up sheet for go-bag donations we discussed in last month’s meeting. These bags will be raffled at the July gun show in Waxahachie. There are still plenty of items needed.  If you can help, please put your name next to the item(s) you will bring, save the document with your last name as the file name, and reply to me with the attachment.  You will need to bring the items to this week’s meeting.
  • Uniform of the Day is BDU or TCD shirt–casual attire if you are new.
  • Please bring a pen and something to write on.  We will have another training class.  Remember FEMA classes are required for membership and promotions so everybody needs to complete them and submit certificates to Mr. Thompson.
  • As a reminder, if you joined before 2012, dues ($20) for 2013 are currently due.  I have the short list of those who have already paid this year so if you need to verify, please reply to this email.  If you joined anytime in 2012, you won’t pay dues until 2014.  Those joining in 2013 won’t pay dues until 2015.
Thanks to those who already let me know they couldn’t make it for the meeting.
COL Bounds

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